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How I got lean mean and back to elite

Details of My Fitness Regimen

Hello friends! So, I have been getting tons of positive feedback after my last post - which is a good read if I don't say so myself. You are so gracious, kind and a few of you are kind of perverted :) But I wouldn't have it any other way. If you are too lazy to take 3 minutes to read my last post: basically I was feeling down, got in great shape and it did wonders for my career.

The number one thing that everyone keeps asking about is if I really got back into the elite status by throwing around giant kettlebells in the snow with a Russian troll man.. lol! Really though, I have received some really heartfelt emails and messages from ladies who want to know how I managed to transform (that might be too strong of a word, I just shed a few pounds of flab and replaced them with lean muscle) my physique. Well, I don't want to be the type to sell any get-fit-quick schemes so I'm going to be upfront and say that it was hard work. In all honesty though, it wasn't that hard and if I can do it on my busy travel schedule than you can too.

High Intensity for High Stimulation

Off the bat I knew that I wouldn't have hours upon hours to spend in the gym each day so I started searching around the interwebs for workouts that offered the biggest benefit with the least amount of time. I quickly found a few ladies on instagram who had the kind of body that I wanted and began following everything they did. First thing I found out was that the squat is king.

Yes, squatting doesn't sound very ladylike, but more and more ladies are coming to the realization that this simple movement is the key to getting those Kim Kardashian type cheeks that everyman seems to crave these days. It's crazy, I started out with super light weights, like not even 30 pounds and only did 5 sets of 10 reps. But after three weeks of this - while increasing the weight 5 pounds each week - I managed to see my glistening bum in the mirror after a shower and actually was starting to have the physical traits like the pornstars on, and those ladies do mean business.


The key, I believe, with squatting is proper form. Like I mentioned earlier, it  does seem like the simplest of movements but you really have to make sure everything is right: hips back, knees don't cross the plain of the toes, hinge at the hip and keep your chest out. These are just a few of the tips I learned watching youtube videos and I believe starting out light and focusing just on form is what allowed me to avoid injury and have the ability to get that rocking tush that I now proudly possess. Really, if I can just leave you with one piece of advice it would be to spend 15 minutes, 3 times a week on squats. That might not sound like a lot but if you do it right you'll start to get addicted to it. That's all for now, in my next post I might share some of the other lifts I learned. Here's some motivation:

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I've got my Mojo back!!

What an exciting time to be me!! You may have remembered my last post, if you don't then I'd suggest giving it a read to give this one context. In a nutshell: a couple of months or so ago I applied to contract with an agency and got a very rude awakening when they responded my my application: specifically I was told that currently I wasn't of the calibre they expected for escorts they represent.

That still bristles... Thos $%*!ing jerk! But not really. I could have let my ego get in the way and just chalked up their very honest appraisal of what I had to offer as nothing more than rudeness from a snobby agency. However, after tending to my wounded ego and giving some very serious thought to what they said I made the decision to not wallow in my own self pity.

I decided to take it as a challenge: you tell me I'm not elite anymore, I'll show you.

The Results of My Rebirth and How I got There

So, long story short: I am objectively elite again. In fact, one could make the argument that I'm more than elite. What's better than elite you might ask? How about being a supermodel? That's right, I've received a very flattering message from none other than That's right, an agency that only represents escorts in the elitest of the elite range. Ladies who aren't only models but have attained the status of super models. Honestly, when I was first contacted by this agency I thought that they may even be a little out of my league. But they'd seen my recent pictures and decided that I was the type of lady worthy of them.

How did I go from being rejected by one escort agency to being aggressively recruited by another in just 3 short months? The first step was a physical transformation. I've always been fit but now that I'm in my late twenties it's been harder to stay in tippy top shape and with all the traveling I'd been doing for tours over the last year I'd put on a few kilos. Not a lot but in this industry every ounce matters.

Hitting the Kettlebells

That's right, I changed my workout routine from pilates and yoga based to lifting heavy weights. Like most girls I'd been afraid to take this step on account of the widespread fear that if you're a woman and you lift weights you'll immediately get all bulky, musclebound and undesirable. This is a MYTH ladies! Don't listen to anyone that tells you lifting weights isn't the single best way to lose fat and look sexier. Not only did I start lifting 3 days a week but I hired a Russian trainer who personally trained KGB operatives. He was tough, ruthless and brilliant. He had me start with a series of workouts using kettlebells. It was pretty much just like this every day for 6 weeks...

LOL! Maybe not exactly, but it felt like it. I've never been so tired but on the other hand, my butt has never looked so good. I'm in the best shape of my life now and feeling so thankful for all the messages of support I've received from my loyal clients during this trying time. I'm now a bona fide supermodel and my libido is roaring! See you soon xoxo

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Becoming A Better Escort

This post is going to be hard to write. It will reveal some deeply personal things about me and some vulnerabilities. However, I feel that openness is important in life and arguably even more important in the escort industry so I don't plan to pull and punches.

First a little backstory: as you know from my last post I've been touring in New York this month. For the most part it has been an amazing experience, I've had the pleasure of entertaining some of the most dashing, generous and lustful men in the city. It always boggles my mind a little to spend time with Americans. On one hand they are more like us Brits than any other country, but on the other they couldn't be more different. That's not the topic of this post though, perhaps I'll write a detailed breakdown of said differences at a later date.

Back to the point at hand. So, I was living it up in the Big Apple. My time there was drawing to a close and I began to plan my next escorting tour. Once again I've decided to forgo a poll for this tour. I'll try to get back in the habit of getting feedback about where you want me to go next. I'd narrowed it down to Ibiza and Amsterdam. To almost mythical party destinations that I've never had the pleasure of visiting. Late night raves on the beach or long bike rides along the canals? Which would it be? One of my best clients recently moved to the Netherlands so that's what finally swung my decision.

As part of my planning I started looking into the local high class escort scene which is impressive, obviously, in Amsterdam. I wanted to try and find an agency to work with when I was touring because that tends to make things easier in new places. I found an amazing company that represents some of the most premium escorts in the world. After emailing them I didn't hear anything back for a few days which is odd. So I gave their office a call. The person I spoke to was incredibly friendly. They told me that they had seen my email but chose not to work with me at this time. Did they not work with Independents? Was it something else? I asked them all of this and they finally relented and told me the hard truth that I just didn't fit the image of their agency.


WTF??!! Seriously, I've been a very high class escort for years. I was furious, 'how dare they' and all that. But after I calmed down and started to think about our conversation more objectively I began to realize that they may have had a point. I'm still very hot and sexy, don't get me wrong, but the truth is I have started to slide a bit in the last year. I've actually put on 7 pounds and haven't been working out nearly as much.

Well, this was the wake up call I needed! I'm going to get back in shape and become an extra elite escort once again! I'll show them, lol :)

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My Plans For The New YEAR 2017 will Rock!

Oh yes, I'm so excited for the new year! It's been a little while since I've posted last, that is because I've been busy doing my best to be a true international courtesan. Since we last spoke I've travelled over six thousand miles and - hopefully- made some very lucky gentlemen in far flung places incredibly happy.

Two Punters took me to the opera in Sydney!

Actually I can say with a high level of certainty that my trip to Australia was a smashing success. The punters down under who voted for me to tour their this winter (or summer as the case may be in the southern hemisphere) got more than they bargained for! I extended my stay for a full two weeks and saw such a wonderful array of gentlemen in Sydney, Melbourne and even a couple in Perth. We all got up to some seriously naughty business and I actually got a couple of stellar reviews on the Aussie site

I really can't overstate just how fun, nice and accommodating my AU clients were during my trip. Before I went I'd never been to the opera but one fellow booked a dinner date and took me to a riveting rendition of Cavalleria by Pagliacci. It was a magical evening and when we got back to his hotel after the opera it got ten times more magical.  Take notes on this gentlemen: if you want the best escort service then treat your lady like a princess. Seriously, I bring a certain level of professionalism and vigor to all of my bookings but when a hobbyist goes that extra mile I just kick into another gear.

I'm Going Back on Tour to New York in 2017

Back in London for only two weeks then it's straight back to touring again. I've got the bug for travel and can't wait to entertain gentlemen all over the world. I'm not going to run a poll for my next tour because I've already decided where it will be!

New York was a close second in last years tour and deep down I was hoping for it to win.. just a little. A little serendipity that it didn't because otherwise I would have gone to Australia and had such a wonderful time there. But because NY is only a three hour flight out of Heathrow it's much easier to tour there. In fact, I've got a lot of friends already in Manhattan and even a couple in New Jersey. One of my sexiest playmates is a new york asian escort who I'm sure many of you know about already because she has tonnes of five star reviews on Big Doggie and The Erotic Review. She is a courtesan in every sense of the word: dignified, beautiful and raunchy. She's been kind enough to let me stay in her Midtown flat while I'm touring in New York and we'll even be offering doubles together. Prices start at $650 for a 90 minute outcall with the two of us. This is an experience you won't want to miss because I rarely offer duo dates. I have to be naturally attracted to the woman I'm working with and that doesn't happen often. This trip is sure to be one of my best yet!

I'll be sure to showing off my dance moves at the Borgata club with my Asian friend. Wouldn't you like to be there with us?

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International Tour Poll Winner is Australia

The people have spoken and I have listened. Earlier this year I put a poll on my website asking you, my darling followers, where in the world I should take my busty talents for a tour. The choices were:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • New York, USA

Voting was intense and it looked for a long time like New York was going to win - it had 45% of the vote all the way through the September. However, for some reason my Australian fans got their act together at the beginning of October and let loose an onslaught of late voting to take the Au capital over the top (this just in, apparently Sydney isn't technically the capital city, whatever) and the final vote tally stands at:

  • Sydney: 93 votes
  • NY: 67 votes
  • Russia: 3 votes

What the hell Russia? Oh well, I didn't want to freeze my shapely buns off in Moscow anyhoo. So I'll be heading off to Sydney later this month. You can book me the usual way, also, I've decided to let myself be represented by Agency Atlantic while in Australia. I know I never said I'd not be independent, and technically I'm still 88% indy but I really trust the people at Atlantic and thought it would be a great chance to branch out.

I'm not sure what my rates will be while on international tour, the pound has taken such a beating since Brexit that a straight conversion might be best. ALso I need to book my flight to see how much that will be which will factor into the cost of my company. I'm planning to stay at the Four Seasons ( whilst in Town which isn't cheap but luxury is my middle name and I know my Aussie punter friends want to be showered in decadence, or else they wouldn't be booking time with me.

Email me know or use the contact page to place your reservation. I already have 13 appointments booked and I never see more than one gentleman a day so you do the math. If you do you'll see that I'm popular and my popularity extends across oceans, so if you want a taste of my busty blonde escorting goodness while I'm in Sydney I cannot stress enough the importance of booking early. Chances are all my availability will be spoken for by early next week.

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