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Hey friends. So I have a new passion and it’s pole dancing! Actually, it’s a little inaccurate to say it’s a new passion as I’ve danced with a pole before. That’s actually how I got my start in the escort industry. Way back in 2009 I was in university and struggling to make ends meet. I needed cash fast and a friend of mine worked at the local strip club in Mayfair. She was cute, but I must say that I’m a lot hotter in a traditional strip club sense. So I decided to give it a try. WHoa, talk about nerves. That first night getting up on stage and taking off my top. My nipples were soooo hard! But once the music started and I saw the looks on the audience member’s faces (and the bulges in some of their pants::) I cut loose.

My dancing career lasted a couple of semesters and just before I was about to give it up I happened to get propositioned by one of my regular lap dance customers. This is way against the rules of almost all strip clubs so if you’re thinking you can offer your favourite dancer a couple hundred quid to go home with you then expect to get a visit from the bouncer very quickly. However, I was pretty attracted to this guy and I’m a bit of a wild girl so I decided to go for it. That was the first time I was technically an escort and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve slept with many punter since then but I gave up dancing for good that night. Until recently that is. One of my girlfriends got me a gift card to https://polepeople.co.uk for my birthday and I’ve been ravenously getting back my moves and fitness ever since.

The benefits have been great: I’ve always maintained a high level of fitness but after two months of classes I’ve definitely noticed that my legs and bum are more toned. Plus I’m so much more flexible, just the other night I managed to get into a wild position with a client that was something else – my legs were everywhere and he loved it…

Valeriia Zubjenko even taught a class at my club last week!

I’ve been thinking out choreography and how to tailor more mainstream poledancing to escorts. Some of my ideas are pretty solid I think and I’m considering starting a private class just for escorts. If you’re and independent escort or agency and would be interested in improving your marketability through learning how to pole dance then give me a call.


Pamela is one of the few bona fide Female Models and glamour models who’s appeared in many well known glossy magazines, and would be only too happy to show you her portfolio, should you require that. She does enjoy the company of other women too, and can bring along any of her special friends, some of whom are also Female Models. Pamela lives in central London, is in her early twenties and comes from a rich English/Spanish heritage. She is 5’6″ tall and her statistics are a rather pleasing 34F -22 -35.

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